Redesigning Ikius brand and website.

A design system for Ikius.

Our brand needed a design system, since as a new company we had none. We made a new design system for our company based on the existing content on our website.

How we design


Figma is a modern web based design platform for digital design.

Creative thinking

We explore ideas and iterate constantly.

Interactive design

User experience and accessability are important to us as we want everyone to be able to access our content.


We think less is more. Having meaningful content without unneccessary elements allows us to create simple but effective design.

Content awareness

Having an existing content architecture helped our designers to organize and simplify the website structure into smaller chunks, while maintaining the scalability of our content architecture.

Website pages

Modular design

Creating a component hierarchy allowed us to add more complex components while keeping our content structure easily manageable through a Headless CMS.


Our design process

Everything starts out with a simple idea. Based on that idea, we iterate and have frequent design meetings where we review the work we've done. Iteration after iteration we sculpt our design to match our expectations.

Ikius page architecture

Design System

Having a design system before starting a project is important. Using Figma it’s easy to create a design system once acting as a blueprint for the project. Design system creates consistency and allows easier future maintainability as the project gets more complex. After a font study and experimentation with a set of 4 different combinations of fonts, we chose to go with Crimson Pro and Muli for our design system. Both fonts offer a wide range of weights, offering just what we needed.

A more professional design for Ikius

Being a company offering digital services and products for the future we think it's essential that we show the way for modern design as well.

Through creative and future-thinking we built a truly modern design system for our company. Creativity combined with the use of modern tools such as Figma has enabled us to deliver a long lasting design system for the future.

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Max Ikäheimo
Founder and CEO

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