Real Estate Asset Management

Website development for a real estate asset management company

Finland-based KHV Ltd. is a real estate management company that buy, sell, manage, and organize real estate portfolios throughout Finland.


  • Headless architecture implementation

  • Website migration

  • Scalability opmization

  • 3 x website speed performance

  • Modern tech stack

From legacy to Gatsby and Netlify

For Real Estate Asset Management, we built a new static site from scratch using Gatsby. By leveraging Jamstack architecture and static generation, we saw an increase in Google Lighthouse's performance score. We also provided guidance and help regarding UI/UX to create a minimalist and functional look for the website.


3x increase in performance

We contributed to three times better performance on Google's audits when we migrated their website from legacy arcrhitecutre to a modern, composable tech stack.

Easy content and SEO editing

We allowed them to rank better on search engines and improve the company branding.

Reliable site performance

With the new implementations, the chance of making mistakes gets reduced to a minimum, and content managers can update the site confidently.

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