Website migration for the world's most secure IT infrastructure access platform

The project included migrating the web architecture of Teleport, a California-based IT infrastructure access provider to a faster, high-performing solution while implementing marketing technology to enhance their digital services. We continue to perform as Teleport's tech team extension to support and consult them in these operations.


  • Developed

  • Web architecture with Sanity, Next.js and Vercel

  • Headless CMS integration with Sanity

  • Optimized for flexibility and scalability

  • Website content migration

  • Continuous team extension

About Teleport

Teleport, a California-based IT infrastructure access provider, has secured a $170M funding round backed by venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins and Y Combinator. Teleport offers the most secure way to access IT infrastructure, using ephemeral certificates backed by biometrics and hardware identity to prevent phishing. Their Zero Trust design also helps halt attacker pivots.

As a global IT infrastructure access platform, Teleport is trusted by the world’s most innovative companies who refuse to trade agility for security. By consolidating all aspects of infrastructure access into a single platform, Teleport reduces attack surface area, cuts operational overhead, easily enforces compliance, and improves productivity.


Partnering up as Teleport's tech team extension

Teleport's and Ikius's partnership includes continuous scaling and rehauling of their website. We've seamlessly integrated into Teleport's existing development workflow, providing expertise, resources, and a collaborative approach.

Modernizing Teleport's website

We launched Teleport's new website and continue to develop, refactor, and optimize their web services that meet today's standards in website design and operations. The tech stack includes Sanity, Next.js, and Vercel.

Sanity Headless CMS

We migrated Teleport's content from Markdown to Headless CMS, which separates the content management backend from the frontend presentation, providing more flexibility in designing and delivering content.


    The Ikius team quickly became an extension of the Teleport Team, and completed two key site launches in record time. They continue to build systems and tools that scale and are force multipliers for our marketing efforts.

    Ben Arent

    Director of DevRel - Teleport

    The cornerstones of working with Teleport

    Sanity headless CMS

    Teleport faced the challenge of managing a large content volume on its existing Markdown platform. While the markdown format was lightweight and easy to use, it lacked the scalability and flexibility required to meet the company's growing content management needs.

    Recognizing the need for a more robust solution, was chosen as the content management system to which we migrated all content. 

    Marketing tools development

    Teleport needed to integrate marketing scripts, tools, and A/B testing. This involved implementing scripts to capture key metrics and gather valuable insights with marketing tools such as Intellimize and Optimize.

    Marketing tools and script integrations: Leveraging this data, we implemented a comprehensive A/B testing framework to test various marketing strategies, messaging, and designs.

    Teleport's team extension

    Teleport partnered with Ikius to scale its development team and rehaul its website. We seamlessly integrated into Teleport's existing development workflow, providing expertise, resources, and a collaborative approach.

    Team extension: The partnership proved highly effective, as we brought in a wealth of knowledge and experience that enabled Teleport to accelerate development cycles, tackle complex technical challenges, and build a modern digital experience through their Next.js website.

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