Let’s join forces in web development

Ikius is a team of Nordic professionals dedicated to creating the best
digital products and experiences for clients all over the world.

We are passionate about designing and developing major-league digital experiences with leading-edge technologies. Our approach to projects is agile, straightforward, and based on personalized service.

We'll guide you through your digital transformation

  • Strong design and technology culture with a unique perspective and keen attention to detail

  • Close collaboration with the clients to understand their needs and deliver the best possible solutions

  • Up to date with the latest web development technologies, trends, practices, and industry standards

  • Expertise in eCommerce sites, custom web applications, and headless CMSs

  • Specialized in responsive and mobile-friendly websites optimized for search engines

Our team is your team

We pride ourselves on having an expert team with diverse skill sets and
backgrounds committed to excellence in everything we do. Together with
our global partners, we ensure that projects get completed quickly yet
remain highly functional for years to come.

Nordic way of working

While we're a technology company, our partnership with our clients spans
far more than just writing code. As your technology partner, Ikius ensures
your project meets your expectations and requirements. For us, all projects are unique, and not one size fits all. It all comes down to striving for understanding believing in effective and friendly cooperation and good relations, just like the Nordic way.

Discover partners and technologies

We're technology partners with innovative, ambitious, and forward-thinking
tech services that provide next-generation Headless CMS, web frameworks,
deployment & cloud, eCommerce, and trending web architecture that match
your business needs.

Want to join Ikius?

At Ikius, we use the best modern web development technologies to create
websites and digital experiences that serve our clients and their
customers. Technologies we master range from static site generators like
Next.js and Gatsby to convenient content management systems such as
Agility CMS and Dato CMS to deployment services like Vercel and eCommerce platforms such as Shopify.