Tailored services that support your business and exceed your expectations

Here at Ikius, we support you in building a comprehensive online presence
for your business by offering a range of services, from design to development that
help you every step of the way. Our solutions are modernly architected and centered
around you and your customer’s needs, ensuring success for your business.

Modern web development & design

Web development

We create modern websites and web apps to improve your digital services. We truly focus on modern web development, leaving legacy solutions in the bin. Our focus on modern technology and long-term commitment results in high standards that we always adhere to.

UI/UX design

Our in-house UI/UX design services ensure your website stands out in the competition. We specialize in designing and creating websites and applications that are easy to use, optimized for the modern digital world and emphasizes highly enjoyable user experiences.

Software development

Custom software solutions

Custom requirements need custom solutions. Whether you're building a web app, mobile application, or custom software, we're here to help you build software for the next generation.


We offer solutions that establish a user-centered approach. The best journeys go beyond mere products and services - this is something we incorporate from the design, development, and delivery of the software we develop.

Composable architecture

Our way of building software and apps emphasizes modular design and high reusability, resulting in modern user experiences and better scalability.

Team extension
 by Ikius

Short or long-term

Sometimes hiring in-house is not an option. We provide consultants and developers for short or long-term projects to help you meet your requirements and schedule.

Enhance your team
with a Nordic partner

When your tech team needs an extra hand or more experienced team members, we offer a team dedicated to ensuring your project is built right. We like to do this in the Nordic way, which is characterized by a focus on understanding, effective and friendly cooperation, and good relations.

Strategy, consulting,
and project management

At Ikius, we do consulting and technology leadership that supports your tech team. While we help you develop the right strategies and provide modern digital services, we work closely with you as our client to establish a lasting business partnership.

What we do


  • Modern web development with modern technologies

  • Team extension and consulting for times when your team needs extra hands or more experienced team members

  • Design and UI/UX when you need user-centric design to support your brand

  • Jamstack development

  • MACH architecture implementation

  • Composable and serverless architecture

  • Headless CMS development


  • Modern front-end frameworks such as Next.js and React

  • Headless Content Management Systems and Composable architecture

  • Integrations with cloud services and supporting APIs

  • Back-end software and systems

  • Jamstack architecture

  • MACH architecture

  • Composable and serverless architecture

  • Headless CMS

Technologies that take you there and further

At Ikius, we use modern web development technologies to create websites and digital experiences. Technologies we work with range from static site generators like Next.js and React to convenient content management systems like Agility CMS and Dato CMS to deployment services like Vercel and eCommerce platforms like Shopify. Furthermore, we work with Jamstack, MACH, composable and serverless architecture.

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