Website development for a healthtech company that enables better metabolic health.

Veri about working with Ikius:

Anttoni Aniebonam

Co-Founder, CEO - Veri

We worked with Ikius' development team for our Next.js website development. We had previously worked with freelancers for web development, but chose to work with an agency such as Ikius to ensure code quality matches our expectations. Ikius did not disappoint and we can only recommed Ikius as tech partner for Next.js development.

Case Summary:

Client: Veri

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Helsinki-based Veri combines a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with an easy-to-use app to help you find the right foods and habits for your body.

Veri has raised over $10M in funding.

  • Our work with Veri

    We collaborated with Veri to develop their new company website with a modern tech stack.

    • Our dedicated development team built a modern website for Veri with Next.js, Prismic and Vercel.
    • We continue to work with Veri for ongoing website development and support.

A modern website
with Next.js and Prismic.

We built Veri's new site with Next.js and Prismic, a stack ready to be scaled as Veri's business grows. With the help of these modern web technologies, we saw an astonishing increase in Google Lighthouse's performance score and enabled composable and Headless content management.

A next-generation
web stack for a marketing website.

  • Model content in Prismic CMS

    We modeled content in Prismic based on the provided designer layouts for the website’s structure while introducing improvements where necessary. We did this by going the design step by step to compose a logical content model for the page components and models. 

    • Headless CMS content modeling
    • Headless CMS configuration for Next.js
  • Next.js development

    Now that all data was modeled and the CMS was configured for development we began working on the front-end software code with Next.js. Prismic CMS provides an excellent architecture for creating modular, highly customizable, and efficient page layouts based on the modeled content.

    • Next.js front-end development
    • Integration with Headless CMS
  • Device testing and quality assurance

    After the front-end development phase our team began working on browser and device testing with Browserstack and other testing tools. In addition this included extensive quality assurance, ensuring all pages contained correct data from SEO tags to H tag ordering. Once the testing was complete, the site was published on Vercel.

    • Device and browser testing with Browserstack
    • Test front-end markup validity
    • Publish the site on Vercel
  • Optimizing for Google Core Web Vitals

    After development and quality assurance regarding the UI, usability and markup validity, we began the final phase for optimizing the site for Google's core web vitals and Real Experience measured with multiple metrics tools.

    • Optimize Veri's website for Google's Core Website to gain SEO benefits
    • Optimize third party scripts

Powered by Next.js.

Next.js is the de facto standard for modern website front-ends. Our team used Next.js to build Veri's new website. We optimized the site's performance to deliver seamless and lighting fast browsing experiences for Veri's users.

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