Website migration and development for the world’s most advanced cloud contact center.

UJET about working with Ikius:

Holly Barker

Vice President, Growth Marketing

UJET has been very satisfied with Ikius as our web development partner and their exceptional support with the Agility CMS platform. Working with their skilled team has been an absolute pleasure, and we appreciate their commitment and expertise. Ikius has been great in helping UJET's online presence. They consistently deliver results on time, ensuring our website's functionality, and efficiency are top-notch, and suggesting valuable improvements as needed. We recommend Ikius for their exceptional web development services and Agility CMS support.


Client: UJET

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California-based UJET, Inc. is the world's most advanced cloud contact center.

UJET has raised over $100M in funding.

  • Our work

    We migrated UJET's old WordPress website to Agility CMS, Next.js and Vercel and continue as UJET's tech partner for website development.

    • Migrated all UJET's content from WordPress to Agility CMS
    • Rebuilt and optimized the front-end with Next.js for 4x performance gains.
    • Implemented WCAG 2.1 AA-level accessibility
    • eCommerce with Zuora and Salesforce
    • We continue to work with UJET for ongoing website development and support.

WordPress migration
to Agility CMS and Next.js.

Our dedicated development team worked with UJET, the world’s most advanced cloud contact center, to migrate their old WordPress website to Next.js and Agility CMS. By migrating to the Jamstack architecture and headless solutions, we optimized the site for 4x the performance compared to their old WordPress website.

We created a next-gen website
for the world’s most advanced
cloud contact center.

  • 4x increase

    In website performance

    Migrating from server hosted WordPress to Agility CMS, Next.js and Vercel resulted in a 4x performance increase in page loading speeds measured with Google Lighthouse. The site has been optimized for Google Core Web Vitals (including LCP, DIF, CLS).

  • AA-level accessibility

    based on the WCAG 2.1 standard.

    We implemented the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility guidelines with full screen reader and keyboard navigation support for UJET's Next.js website.

  • Headless Content Management

    With Agility CMS

    Bringing content management to a headless CMS such as Agility enables UJET to serve digital experiences faster to a broader audience.

  • Optimized

    for Google Page Experience and Core Web Vitals

    The site has been optimized for Google Core Web Vitals (LCP, DIF, CLS).

A modern tech stack
for the Enterprise.

Sometimes, old tech such as WordPress is not enough to keep up with modern standards and requirements for website performance and content management. The Jamstack architecture enables a ultra-fast front-end performance while keeping content management operations organized and scalable.

Modern web development

How the content migration
and development was executed:

Orchestrating a migration project on an enterprise scale required careful planning and execution.  

  • 1. Model content in Agility CMS

    The first step in the migration process was to model content in Agility CMS based on the structure on WordPress. This was done by going through the pages and different content types on WordPress and re-creating them as modular content models in Agility CMS.

    • Model content in Agility CMS
    • Configure Agility CMS for front-end development and content migration
  • 2. Migrate content from WordPress

    After modelling the content on Agility CMS, the second step was to export all data such as pages, images and other assets from WordPress and import them to Agility. Thanks to Agility's flexibility it was easy to get WordPress' content, transform it to match the new content models and import it in Agility.

    • Migrate WordPress content to Agility CMS
    • Most data was migrated programmatically by using WordPress and Agility CMS APIs
  • 3. Front-end development

    Now that all data was modelled and migrated from WordPress to Agility it was convenient to start working on the front-end software code with Next.js. Agility provides an excellent architecture for creating modular, highly customizable and efficient page layouts.

    • Front-end development with Next.js
    • Optimization for accessibility and performance 
  • 4. QA and publication

    The final step involved extensive quality assurance. This included device and browser testing with Browserstack and manual testing where we ensured all pages contained correct data from SEO tags to H tag ordering. After the quality assurance phase the site was published on Vercel.

    • Device and browser testing with Browserstack
    • Manual testing for essential markup validity and functionality

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