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Brightway about working with Ikius:

Ilkka Lehto

CEO at Brightway Careers

I'm very happy how our new company site turned out. The site's performance is absolutely impressive and we've been able to manage our regional content more efficiently with our new Headless CMS. Thank you team Ikius 👍

Case Summary:

Client: Brightway Careers

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Helsinki-based Brightway Careers is a staffing agency serving clients in the Baltic and Nordic regions.

  • Our work with Brightway

    We built a fast multilingual website for Brightway with easy content management.  

    • Rebuild Brightway's dated WordPress site with a new modernized tech stack
    • A modern frontend based on Gatsby.js delivering lighting fast browsing even on low-end devices
    • Application Tracking System (ATS) integration for applicant tracking processes.
    • Localized content management to manage multiple business regions and locales. 

A modern website for a multi-region staffing agency.

We developed a modern website for Brightway to help them manage multiple locales and to optimize their front-end performance.

The site is multilingual and features a fully customizable page structure with modular components and content for each locale. The content is managed with Sanity - an excellent Headless CMS for Brightway's use case.

Simplified content management and
optimized page speed for multiple regions.

  • Simplified content management

    Before our work, Brightway's site was running on a poorly configured WordPress site. Each time content was updated, there was a risk something was to break. With our new website architecture the site is more reliable than before and content managers can update the site without the fear of breaking it.

    • Composable: We added the ability to compose all content per locale to enable true localization, not just internalization.
    • Headless CMS: Simplified content management on Headless CMS
  • ATS (Applicant tracking system) integration

    Vincere ATS was integrated with the Gatsby.js front-end and Netlify serverless functions to fetch new jobs and post them on the site when added to the ATS.

    • Vincere ATS: Vincere ATS integration directly with the Gatsby.js front-end
    • Automation: Automatically post new jobs on the site 
  • 6x

    performance increase

    We achieved an incredible 6 times better performance on Google's audits when we migrated Brightway's website from a bloated WordPress installation to Gatsby.js and Netlify.

  • i18n

    multilingual support and modular content

    We crafted a customized setup for a multilingual site with Ideally, each locale had to be fully customizable and not just translatable. This was achieved by building a custom, 100% modular setup with Sanity's Studio editor where content managers can manage each locale separately from each other.

How we enabled increased performance
and simplified content management:

  • Model content in Sanity

    The first step was to model content in Headless CMS based on the previous site structure. We did this by going through all the pages and recreating them as modular content models in Sanity.

    • Customized content models for multi-regional and localized content
    • Composable page structure per locale
  • Add new content

    After modeling the content on Sanity CMS, the second step was to add new content such as translations and image assets. We worked with Brightway's designer and content manager to add this content on the site.

    • Worked with Brightway's designer and content manager to add in localized content
  • Front-end development

    After modeling and populating content on Sanity we began working on the front-end software code with Gatsby.js.

    • Integrate Gatsby.js with to render content
    • Front-end development with Gatsby.js
  • QA and publication

    The final step involved extensive quality assurance including device and browser testing. In addition, we manually ensured all pages contained correct data from SEO tags to H tag ordering. After extensive QA, the site was published on Netlify.

    • Device and browser testing
    • Manual testing for markup validity

Content Management

Sanity enables true composable content management thanks to its fully customizable Studio interface. development

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