More than 500k sites are hosted within Netlify’s infrastructure.
This is because the platform provides a complete solution for
businesses looking to build, deploy, and host websites
— and all of it with ease.

At Ikius, we're official partners of Netlify.


  • Organized: With Netlify, you can make all your tools work in sync by connecting them to a single, powerful development workflow.

  • Versatile: Spin up a project in seconds, configure your build, test serverless and edge functions, live stream your work, and deploy globally—all from your command line.

  • Performant: All sites on Netlify are prebuilt for performance and deployed directly to its global edge network —without requiring you to manage, scale, or patch any web servers.

Official partners

We are official Netlify partners and part of their experts' directory.

Find out more about our partnership here

Build your next project with Netlify

  • Split testing: Netlify’s Split Testing lets you divide traffic to your site between different CDN, without losing any download performance and without installing any third-party JavaScript library. You can use this for A/B testing or for launching private releases.

  • Unpararrelled security: Netlify undergoes a SOC 2 type 2 audit and ISO 27001 certification annually, both of which are performed by an independent third-party auditor, so you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

  • User authetntication: Netlify Identity service brings a full suite of authentication functionality backed by the GoTrue API. This allows you to manage and authenticate users on your site or app without requiring you to be a Netlify user or any other service.

  • Powerful analytics: Netlify Analytics is fueled by server-side data collected directly from our worldwide edge nodes—without requiring any code running on the client. That means we can provide more accurate data right from their server logs.

  • Deploy previews: Netlify automatically builds a new Deploy Preview as a unique permanent URL for each Pull/Merge Request. It’s posted as a commit status for easy collaboration.

  • Fully functional forms: On Netlify, any HTML form can instantly accept submissions—no backend code or infrastructure required. As soon as your form is deployed, you start seeing submissions appear in your Netlify dashboard.

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