Sanity CMS

Sanity is an open-source headless CMS written in JavaScript
and designed with flexibility in mind. It is one of the market's
most popular, powerful CMSs. Beyond that, Sanity gives you
total composability with a fully decoupled, real-time content
back end with entirely customizable content workspaces.


Probably as one of the hottest CMS right now, Sanity stands out due to its structured content model, which allows for flexible schema definition tailored to specific needs, along with real-time collaboration features facilitating editing by multiple users.

Furthermore, Sanity is known for being a user-friendly content management system that helps businesses create and manage their online content easily. There's a simple to use interface, enabling users to create, edit, and publish content across different platforms.

Its customizable content APIs, supporting GraphQL and RESTful endpoints, empower developers to integrate content seamlessly into diverse frontend frameworks and platforms. Developer-friendly tools and a serverless architecture makes development easy, resulting in Sanity being a modern, scalable, and versatile choice for building dynamic digital experiences.

Official partners

We are official agency partners with Sanity, and we've utilized Sanity in various successful projects.

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Why choose Sanity?

  • Superior content management: As one of the hottest CMS's right now, Sanity's comprehensive content management features will most likely spare you a headache.

  • Content lake: Sanity Content Lake unlocks the power of your content. Thanks to Sanity’s cloud-based repository, you can effortlessly access and store all kinds of content and assets, allowing you to focus on what matters most  –creating powerful experiences.

  • Leverage modern architecture: Sanity allows you to build digital experiences using any tool or architecture you can think of to create a custom, modern website or app faster. 

  • Sanity Studio - a flexible environment: With Sanity Studio, you can configure and customize Sanity on the fly. Use Sanity's toolkits and plugins to create the workflow that optimizes how you want to work with content.

  • Open source: Sanity Studio ships as an open-source single page application; you just need to install plugins from npm or build your own to integrate Sanity with your applications. 

  • Provide a superior editing experience: Sanity not only offers excellent APIs for reading, writing, and patching. They also provide you with empowering tools to get lots more done and extend your skills to new, great places.

  • Scale infinitely with structured content: Structured content is here to stay. We take care of your needs by providing a fully-managed database that you can rely on to deliver an optimized user experience with structured data storage, global scalability and compliance in mind.

  • Join the open source community: With this new addition, you can repurpose your React components into input elements or tools that will help make developing more engaging. Connect with other Sanity developers and create unique interactions.

  • GROQ (Graph-Relational Object Queries): With GROQ you can effortlessly query collections of JSON documents without needing explicit schemas.

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