eCommerce site for a prominent skincare brand

U.S.-based Epicutis partnered with Ikius to launch their new website and online store. As an extension of the Epicutis team, we worked closely with them to ensure that their vision for their eCommerce business was successfully achieved.

Our goal was to ensure a seamless browsing and shopping experience for users, irrespective of the device they used. To achieve this, we developed a user-centric website and online store, resulting in high usability and accessibility for customers.


  • Developed Epicutis.com

  • eCommerce implementation (Shopify Plus)

  • Modern and simple online store

  • Easy and clear navigation paths

  • Technical consulting

  • Brand design implementation

About Epicutis

U.S.-based Epicutis provides safe, luxurious, results-oriented skincare. They've reinvented the skincare industry by using advanced biotech development methods that scientifically prove their product's safety, cleanliness, and functionality.


Headless eCommerce

With a headless architecture, their web shop can be updated and managed without interfering with the back-end, resulting in easier and less troublesome online store management.

Optimized for performance

Epicutis's website now performs better than a traditional website, and so does their online store. A composable architecture allows this, making it easy to scale and maintain the tech stack and add new features.

Modern standards

We developed Epicutis's online store to match today's standards, enabling user-centric functionality and resulting in streamlined and easier online store management for anyone involved.


Collaborating with Epicutis was a great experience. They provided clear communication and valuable feedback to the project. It made our partnership not only productive but also enjoyable.

Valtteri Savonen

Ikius Developer

Headless e-commerce architecture

Shopify Plus

Using Shopify Plus Headless commerce as an e-commerce platform allows for a modern, efficient, and user-centric online store experience that meets your brand’s identity without compromises.


We developed Epicutis's new online store using Next.js, an efficient front-end framework for creating modern websites. Given the up-to-date Next.js setup, Epicutis's new online store is effortless to maintain for developers.


Ikius advocated for Vercel to be the cloud deployment platform for Epicutis´s online store for deploying a Next.js application. As Vercel is built around composable architecture, it promotes modularity, scalability, and reusability and facilitates easier maintenance and upgrades.

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