Case Study: MD Logica

From WordPress to Dato CMS and Next.js

Case summary:

Client: MD Logica

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California-based MD Logica is a marketing and consulting agency for healthcare and aesthetic practices.

  • Scope and challenges

    • Website migration from WordPress to Dato CMS
    • Build a next-gen website using Next.js
  • Solutions and results

    • Implement headless architecture based on Dato CMS
    • Deploy using Vercel for lightning-fast website builds

WordPress migration to Dato CMS, Next.js, and Vercel

Our team worked with MD Logica to migrate their old website to a headless website. By migrating to a headless architecture, we optimized the site for a 2x performance and faster loading speeds.

We created a next-gen
website for a healthcare
marketing agency

  • 3x

    performance increase

    The new website has a perfect 100/100 performance score on Google's PageSpeed Insights. This is a 3x increase compared to the old site on WordPress.

  • 25%

    more visitors

    Thanks to the headless architecture, MD Logica can receive more visitors and convert new leads into customers faster.

A next-generation website
for a medical marketing agency

Orchestrating a migration project on an enterprise scale required careful planning and execution. Here's how we did it: 

  • 1. Model content in Dato CMS

    The first step in the migration process was to model content in Dato CMS based on the structure of WordPress. This was done by going through WordPress's pages and different content types and re-creating them as modular content models in Dato CMS.

  • 2. Migrate content from WordPress

    After modeling the content on Dato CMS, the second step was to export all data such as pages, images, and other assets from WordPress and import them to Dato CMS Thanks to Agility's flexibility, it was easy to get WordPress content, transform it to match the new content models and import it into Dato.

  • 3. Front-end development

    Now that all data was modeled and migrated from WordPress to Dato, it was convenient to start working on the front-end software code with Next.js. Dato CMS provides an excellent architecture for creating modular, highly customizable, efficient page layouts.

  • 4. QA and publication

    The final step involved extensive quality assurance where we ensured all pages contained correct data from SEO tags to H tag ordering. After extensive QA the site was published on Vercel.

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