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A fun way to tell a story

An animated marketing site with Next.js

We worked with URUS to build a fun, interactive marketing site with Next.js.

The site includes interactive SVG animations to support Headstart Dairy's storytelling when you scroll through the site.


Interactive SVG animations

It's not easy to animate multiple SVG files 1:1 to a carefully crafted design. However, we were able to achieve this by using a modern framework for animating SVG files: GSAP. This truly brings Headstart Dairy to the next-gen and makes the site accessible with all browsers and devices.


Content management

We used Dato CMS to create an easy content managing experience for non-technical editors, making the site effortless to manage and update.

Making it possible with React & Next.js

Creating an animated site with large SVG files where almost every SVG has its own individual would be nearly impossible to create with a Legacy framework such as WordPress. By using Jamstack and a modern framework for the front-end we can make the site work seamlessly on all devices.

The tech stack:

How it was built:

Animating multiple SVG's for desktop and mobile is challenging, but not impossible. We used GSAP and React to seamlessly animate the SVGs when users scroll through the site.


Dato CMS



Next.js is one of the leading JavaScript frameworks and static site generators in the market.

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