Web app development for finding the best private student loans.


Client: Bank Grader

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US-based Bank Grader is a tool that analyzes the best private student loan options and gives students a personalized recommendation based on their location.

  • Our work with Bankgrader

    We worked with Bank Grader to develop a custom web app to analyze and find private student loan options. This included developing a recommendation engine along with marketing automation to help Bankgrader maximize ROI for their ad campaigns.

    • Custom web app development with Next.js
    • Content management on Dato CMS 
    • Optimized front-end for SEO benefits
    • Integrations to partner APIs to fetch bank specific loan offers
    • Marketing automation and tools integration (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Personalization)

We built a Next.js web app that analyzes and finds the best student loans.

Our team worked with Bank Grader to build a brand-new web app that is optimized for performance and marketing automation. More specifically, we used Next.js, Dato CMS and Vercel to build and deploy a highly optimized static web app. The app includes a custom recommendation engine and marketing tool integrations to enable data-analytics and targeted marketing.

How Bank Grader increased their
marketing ROI
during busy seasons.

  • Mobile-first

    We built a snappy, mobile-friendly website that students without computers could benefit from. Having a mobile-first web app is essential for providing a seamless user experience for an app where most users are on mobile devices.

    • Optimized for mobile devices.
  • Optimized front-end

    Thanks to Next.js and Vercel, Bank Grader is now capable of handling thousands of requests and visitors per month without breaking, helping more students find the best loan offers.

    • Static front-end to handle thousands of users concurrently
  • Marketing automation

    We implemented marketing automation to help Bank Grader make informed decisions for their marketing campaigns with tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

    • Optimize marketing campaigns based on signals and automation.
  • Next.js for API integrations

    We created a service that fetches student loan data from colleges and banks using a third-party API that gives the loan data to the student based on the college they chose. Next.js provides several built-in API methods, making it easy to fetch data from external sources and manipulate it within your application.

    • Displaying up-to date data in real time without reducing performance thanks to Next.js' Serverless functions.

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