The complete 101, on Jamstack

Learn the basics of Jamstack with the beginner friendly eBook from Ikius and Agility. In recent years Jamstack has grown from a small niche tech-stack to a de-facto-standard for any serious web projects. Getting on board has never been easier - grab this free Jamstack resource to get you up and started on Jamstack basics in no time.

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This eBook is powered by:

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Agility CMS

Agility CMS is a Toronto-based Content-First headless CMS, allowing you to choose any programming language while also getting the flexibility, speed and power that comes from lightweight APIs. 

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Finland based Ikius provides digital services with a Nordic touch. Ikius is one of the pioneering Jamstack agencies.

What you'll find, in this Jamstack eBook: 

  1. What is a ‘Stack’?
  2. JAMstack 101
  3. The Components Behind JAMstack Development
  4. JAMstack vs Alternatives
  5. The Future of JAMstack: Roadblocks and Opportunities
  6. Building Your First Website With JAMstack
  7. JAMstack Tools and Services You Need To Know About
  8. JAMstack Static Site Generators: How to Choose Them and Which One to Choose
  9. Starting with NextJS and Gatsby as React Static Site Generators 
  10. JAMstack Case Studies

    And much more to get you started on Jamstack. This eBook is a beginner friendly intro to Jamstack with minimal technical jargon.  

    Download the free Jamstack eBook