Used by some of the world's largest companies, Next.js enables
you to create high-quality web applications with the power of
React components. It's probably the leading JavaScript
framework and static site generator in the industry.


  • Industry leader: Next.js is one of the leading JavaScript frameworks on the market. It allows the creation of all kinds of digital experiences, from a multilingual mobile app to an international eCommerce store.

  • Performant: With Next.js, you unlock lightning-fast loading speeds and perfect Core Web Vitals for your web application or static website.

  • Agile: Next.js is one of the most robust javascript frameworks. It’s flexible enough to build almost anything and allows companies to go from an idea to product faster than with a traditional website.

Why choose Next.js?

  • Build things your way: No more plugins or templates! Next.js allows you to hit the ground running with fully customizable website starters that developers can use to spin an eCommerce storefront or web app in record time.

  • Better user experience: With Next.js, you're not constrained to plugins or templates like a WordPress website. This gives you total freedom to build entirely custom components and digital experiences tailored to your needs. 

  • Fast performing: Next.js' server-side rendering and static site generation ensure that all your websites load in three seconds or less, granting you a great Core Web Vitals score.

  • Great for eCommerce: Next.js is a great choice for image-heavy websites like eCommerce storefronts. With its image optimization capabilities, Next is capable of reducing the size of your assets without compromising on image quality. 

  • Optimized for SEO: Using Next.js, in conjunction with a headless CMS, ensures that your websites and apps will always be SEO-ready, translating into higher rankings on Google.

  • Great security features: Developing a Next.js application is much more secure than building the same app on WordPress. Unlike a WordPress site, your Next.js project isn't connected to a codebase, making it impossible for hackers to access your databases using the website.

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