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Sanity is an open-source headless CMS written in JavaScript and designed with flexibility in mind. Voted highest developer satisfaction in the Jamstack Community Survey 2021, it is one of the market's most popular, powerful CMSs.

About Sanity CMS

  • Sanity Studio –Sanity's editing interface– is a real-time toolkit for creating efficient data-driven content applications.
  • Sanity is open source and flexible. It uses tools you already know, so you feel right at home immediately.
  • Sanity integrates across organizations and disciplines, enabling you to assemble your infrastructure from the best components available.

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Sanity is one of the most flexible CMS in the market. If you're looking to implement Sanity, we can help.

With several successful Sanity projects under our belt, we can advise you on implementing Sanity CMS for all projects, from eCommerce stores to marketing sites.

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Ikius can help you implement and manage your Sanity project or application. We can fully set up Sanity and Sanity Studio for you or work with your team to provide extra help to your developer team during your implementation.

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Tailored solutions for your use-case.

Need more than just development? Look no further. At Ikius, each client is unique and we tailor our services for each use case. However, you may find our list services below. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Build your next project
with Sanity CMS

  • Leverage modern architecture

    Sanity allows you to build digital experiences using any tool or architecture you can think of to create a custom, modern website or app faster. 

  • Edit content on a flexible environment

    With Sanity Studio, you can configure and customize Sanity on the fly. Use Sanity's toolkits and plugins to create the workflow that optimizes how you want to work with content.

  • Join an open source community

    Sanity Studio ships as an open-source single page application; you just need to install plugins from npm or build your own to integrate Sanity with your applications. 

  • Provide a superior editing experience

    Sanity not only offers excellent APIs for reading, writing, and patching. They also provide you with empowering tools to get lots more done and extend your skills to new, great places.

  • Scale infinitely

    Structured content is the future. We take care of your needs by providing a fully-managed database that you can rely on to deliver an optimized user experience with structured data storage, global scalability and compliance in mind.

  • Join the open source community

    With this new addition, you can repurpose your React components into input elements or tools that will help make developing more engaging. Connect with other Sanity developers and create unique interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Sanity Studio is an open source headless real-time CMS, that you can customize with JavaScript and React. Efficient editing, instant UI for complex fields. Responsive, works on small screens.

  • Sanity is an open-source headless CMS written in JavaScript and designed with developers in mind.

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