Web apps, design and strategy for the future.

Futute-proof, long lasting and meaningful software development.

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Jamstack development for demanding websites and apps.

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Interactive design

UI and UX for holistic digital products and services.

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Serverless software

Modern scalable software with serverless technologies.

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Jamstack Development

For complex web projects with high standards and large large amounts of traffic. Increased performance, scalability and security. Decreased development costs for long time projects with dynamic requirements and long lifespan.

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Why Jamstack?


Jamstack is a modern web development architecture for better performance, scalability and security.


Jamstack websites and apps can be optimized for up to 10x performance compared to older technologies.


Traffic spike on your website? No problem, Jamstack apps scale with your users without you having to worry about your site crashing.

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Interactive Design

A typical web user forms an opinion about your site in just 0.05 seconds. Whether they decide to use it or not will largely depend on what they think about your site in these 50 milliseconds. We can minimize the risk of your user turning away from your website or app with careful design.

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Digital design

Holistic experiences

We create holistic digital experiences by binding design with the technology, user and product.

Modern tools

We use modern collaborative design tools such as Figma for creating long lasting digital assets.

UI and UX

Well designed applications guide users to the desired conversion. We map interfaces to match your user journeys for optimal conversions.

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We provide consultancy and agency services for future-thinking companies. Contact us to learn more about Ikius and how we can work together to bring your business to the future.