Jamstack buyer's guide

This eBook from Ikius and Agility contains useful information for companies and organizations that are considering Jamstack solutions. Jamstack has become the de-facto-standard for enterprise web development. In this eBook, we will share our insight into buying Jamstack solutions.

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What you'll find in this eBook:

This eBook is divided into 4 Chapters, each containing sections that dig into more detail for the Chapter topic. The purpose of this eBook is to give you, the buyer, a thorough overview of what one should take into account when considering a web project with Jamstack.

  1. What is Jamstack?

  2. Jamstack for enterprise

  3. Putting it all together

  4. How to get started

If you feel like you’d like to learn more about a certain topic, you may always contact us directly to learn more about all things Jamstack.

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