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Great Jamstack developers are hard to come by - we know. No wonder since it's been mainstream only for 3 years or so - a short time in a developer's life.

Ikius and Jamstack: ever since Ikius was founded in 2019, we've put all our focus on Jamstack development.
We are even listed as one of Jamstack's pioneers by Agility CMS. You could say we've been around the scene for a while.

We know what works, what doesn't work and what's best for your unique use case. We'll help you choose the right Headless CMS and services, while optimizing the running costs for your project. (Yeah, looking at those $2000 / month SaaS plans...)

Jamstack development outsourcing

Ever just wanted to relax and let others do your work for you? At Ikius, we sure do (when we're not working on your project). That's why we frequently buy professional services to outsource work we're not so great at (like marketing 😹 )

Why don't you relax for a change and let us take care of what we're good at; Jamstack development. We'll take care of the hard parts of your Jamstack project while you're sippin' on a mojito on a beach somewhere.

What you'll get by working with us:

Your tech team extension

When your tech team needs an extra hand or more experienced team members to make sure your app is built right.

A reliable partner

Ikius is not just a "software development agency", we're a long term business partner with your best interest in mind. 

Developing Jamstack since 2018

We're no Jamstack newbies. In fact, our team has been developing Jamstack ever since 2018.

Premium service

We don't take on just any project, and we work on a limited set of projects at each given moment so we can be sure every client gets the attention they deserve.


Works in real life, unlike WordPress...

The cat is on the table: WordPress sucks! We're not even trying to be discreet about it.

That's why you're probably here. We get it, we come from a WordPress background and like you, we'd much rather drive the Tesla of web the development world (hint: Jamstack).

Isn't it time to hop on that sweet Jamstack and forget the endless security issues with WordPress?

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New Business

"The team at Ikius have not only proved an invaluable resource for both guiding us through the process of the build for our site and advising on best practice for user experience, but have seen to it that every aspect of our commerce website is honed to perfection and able to execute on any deliverable required, no matter the complexity."
A picture of Aaron

Aaron Hazan

Director at Hotel Radio Ltd.

"My company’s website was in need of renewal in late 2020. I received offers from multiple companies but in the end I ended up making an agreement with Ikius."
A pic of Antti

Antti Valtola

Blue Nose cruises

"I'm very happy how our new company site turned out. The site's performance is absolutely impressive, thank you team Ikius 👍 "
An image of Ilkka Lehto

Ilkka Lehto

CEO at Brightway Careers

Frequntly asked
about Jamstack development

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Other services you might be interested in.

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Re-building your website on a Headless CMS and looking for advice? Look no further, we are your designated Headless CMS super heroes.

At Ikius, we've worked on pretty much every "Google Page 1" Headless CMS, including but not limited to: Agility CMS, Prismic, Sanity, Contentful, Dato CMS, Strapi and many more.

We've been around the block, we know what works, and what doesn't work. Let's find the best Headless CMS for your unique use case.

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Need to meet WCAG 2.1 for your site? We can help you implement WCAG 2.1 A-AAA for your react-based applications or websites. 

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Next.js is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for building websites that match modern requirements. At Ikius, we work with Next.js to help our clients create highly optimized websites with Next.js.

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We're always happy to answer any and all questions you might have. The best way to learn more about our services is to contact us directly.

Shoot us an email at contact@ikius.com - we're happy to help 😊 

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