A live streaming platform for heavy music.

Hotel Radio, London's most recognised heavy music platform enables digital live streaming experiences for thousands of people. Since 2019 we've worked to build a state of the art platform to enable seamless digital streaming experiences for the masses.

What we did

Web app for live streaming

We built a custom web app for hosting existing archived content and delivering on set live streams.


UI design for the livestreaming page, live chat and on stream donations. Optimizing user journeys and payment conversions through UX.

Payment logic

Custom payment logic with Stripe for virtual live stream tickets with debit and credit cards.

Live streams

On set live streams with live chat, donations, merchandise and more for a true digital Hotel Radio experience.

An app for 2020

Designing and developing a custom live streaming app during the 2020 pandemic presented an unique challenge for our designers and developers. We had to iterate quickly and deliver a full live streaming experience for thousands of heavy music fans, right in the middle of the pandemic.

Pay per view live streams

We worked together to bring Hotel Radio live shows to a centralized web app to create an innovative experience for live streaming.

Hot Rad paywall

Taking shows online

Having a digital platform for live streaming became especially relevant during the 2020 pandemic, when many live events had to be held without a physical audience.

Hotel Radio live streaming gear

User experience

A dedicated platform for live streaming has enabled a high-class user experience for Hotel Radio. Interactive streams with a custom live chat for a true live streaming experience.

hotel radio stream view

Custom design

Carefully crafted custom icons and UI design to match the high expectations for the Hotel Radio brand. Careful design allowed us to craft an unmatched experience for live streaming.



A blazing fast static site generator for modern front end development


A modern hosting platform for content delivery and continous integration.


Payment processing, handling and customer management.


User authentication and management as a service, integrated to the platform.

Node GraphQL

GraphQL backend, acting as an API for supporting services and database connection.

Max Ikäheimo
Founder and CEO

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