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At Ikius, we help you complete your projects faster and with higher quality.
Our consultants work with you during your busiest hours to help you be more
productive while our goal is to make sure your projects are completed efficiently.

We empower your vision

Hire web developers and designers for your project

Over the past years, Ikius has been a reliable partner to numerous companies and corporations worldwide.

  • Strategy, consulting, and project management: In addition to just website development, we do long-lasting collaborations with our clients to help them with their digital strategy, project management, and consulting.

  • Your tech team extension: When your tech team needs an extra hand or more experienced team members, we offer a team dedicated to ensuring your project is built right.

  • Agile development: We're agile in the way we manage and work with projects. We prioritize adaptability and responsiveness rather than sticking to predetermined plans, if needed.

  • Nordic mentality: As a part of our culture we strive for understanding and believe in effective and friendly cooperation and good relations, the Nordic way.


Ikius's unwavering patience and flexibility in adapting to our workflow are commendable. No request was too grand or minute for them; they took it all in stride, always intending to deliver the highest quality possible. They remained calm and collected even under the most pressing timelines and pressures. Beyond their exceptional work, their character stands out – they're not just great at what they do but genuinely great people.

Aaron Darveniza

Creative Director - Reaktor

UJET has been very satisfied with Ikius as our web development partner and their exceptional support with the Agility CMS platform. Working with their skilled team has been an absolute pleasure, and we appreciate their commitment and expertise.

Holly Barker

Vice President, Growth Marketing - UJET

With a Nordic touch

Team extension. What is it?

Team extension refers to the practice of hiring extra help from external agencies to supplement your in-house development team. These additional resources, such as software developers and designers, are brought in to assist with specific projects or when you require additional hands and expertise temporarily. It's a flexible approach to increase your development team's size and productivity without committing to permanent staffing.

Why team extension is the right choice

  • Scale faster: Team extension allows you to scale your team size based on project needs. When you have a surge in workload or need specialized skills for a temporary period, you can quickly extend your team.

  • Reduce overhead: Finding and hiring skilled professionals can be time-consuming. Team extension minimizes the recruitment process, as the external team members are usually ready to contribute.

  • For long or short-term needs: As team extension can be project-based or temporary, it can reduce the risks associated with long-term employment commitments. On the other hand, a long-term team extension can secure your project for years to come.

  • Extra hands where you need them: When you have external team members taking care of specific tasks, your in-house team can focus on the essential business functions, leading to increased productivity and efficiency

  • Deliver quickly: As we are agile, we'll be able to jump into projects undisrupted, skipping the unnecessary bureaucracy.

  • We're there when needed: Rest assured if things suddenly go wrong. Our consultants are available around the clock in case something needs sudden attention.

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