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Are you thinking about ditching a traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal? We can help you go headless.

We empower your vision

Headless CMS developers for hire

Ikius is a development agency with several years of experience working with accessibility and accessibility checkups.

Specifically, we offer the following to help improve your business.

  • Strategy, consulting, and project management: In addition to development, we work directly with clients to help them go headless. As an agency with several years of experience building headless websites, we act as consultants and tech leads to empower your tech team.
  • Your tech team extension: When your tech team needs an extra hand or more experienced team members, we offer a team dedicated to ensuring your migration to a headless CMS goes smoothly.
  • A reliable partner: Ikius is not just a "software development agency"; we're a long-term business partner to help you optimize your digital strategy.

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Discover Ikius

Ikius helps future unicorns
build a headless website

A dedicated software development agency like Ikius makes it easy to set up a next-generation app suited for a modern startup looking to scale.

We are headless CMS consultants who know what does and doesn't work and what's best for your unique use case.

Based on our experience on multiple large-scale headless websites, we can help you choose the right technologies and supporting services to create a future-proof digital strategy.

What our clients say

Aaron Hazan

Director at Hotel Radio Ltd.

The team at Ikius have not only proved an invaluable resource for both guiding us through the process of the build for our site and advising on best practice for user experience, but have seen to it that every aspect of our commerce website is honed to perfection and able to execute on any deliverable required, no matter the complexity.

Olga Voigt

Agility CMS | Marketing

Ikius team is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They are on top of web development trends, they understand the demands of modern digital solutions and deliver. It is always a pleasure to work with Ikius, and I can not recommend them enough to all seeking for modern digital implementation

Ilkka Lehto

CEO at Brightway Careers

I'm very happy how our new company site turned out. The site's performance is absolutely impressive and we've been able to manage our regional content more efficiently with our new Headless CMS. Thank you team Ikius 👍

Antti Valtola

Blue Nose cruises

My company’s website was in need of renewal in late 2020. I received offers from multiple companies but in the end I ended up making an agreement with Ikius.

Brad Bates

Varcroft & Bianco

Ikius has helped tremendously with the development of the Drawer Insert Designer. Max and Aatu have great knowledge regarding what technology to use and how to implement it. They worked seamlessly with other members of the team and everything was completed in a timely professional manner. We have already started working with them on our next project.

Alex Stoykov

CEO at Olifant Digital

Working with Ikius for our Jamstack website was a flawless experience. The development team is super fast and reliable. The speed of our new website is unbeliavable. I highly recommend Ikius as a serious development partner for web development projects involving Jamstack.

Tailored solutions for your needs.

Whether you're looking for a tailored solution for your problem, or just need extra help with your project - we can help you. Browse our service selection or contact us directly to discuss your requirements in more detail.

How a headless CMS empowers startups

A headless website has several features that can help improve your user experience. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

  • Unparalelled flexibility

    Unlike a coupled CMS, a headless CMS allows you to pick your programming language and use APIs to build your head or presentation layer end to end. 

  • Future-proof

    A headless CMS allows you to future-proof your websites and apps by separating your presentation layer from your data and logic layer. That will enable you to swap databases and frameworks easily.

  • Supports omnichannel marketing

    A headless CMS enables marketers to orchestrate a seamless experience that spans all touchpoints while remaining consistent and relevant. 

  • Better for marketing teams

    The right headless CMS empowers marketers to create digital experiences faster and cheaper compared to other coupled CMS. 

  • More scalable

    Since the backend and frontend are separated, if the backend CMS platform has any performance issues or needs maintenance, it won’t cause downtime or compromise your website’s performance.

  • Inherently secure

    A headless CMS isn’t susceptible to the security risks of coupled CMS and can’t suffer SQL injection attacks or other database-related perils. 

Frequently asked about Headless CMS development

  • A headless Content Management System (CMS) is software designed to edit and manage content. Unlike a traditional CMS such as WordPress, headless CMSs don’t give you any way of presenting your content. Instead, they provide an API that you can use to create your own frontend –or presentation layer– using frameworks like Next.js or Gatsby.

  • A headless CMS gives editors an interface for managing content while using APIs that developers can query and build applications with.

  • Yes!  We can work with any and all headless CMSs, although we do have our personal favorites. With that said, we do not work with WordPress unless you're migrating from WordPress to Jamstack. Read more here.

  • Absolutely! We have built complex projects for enterprise clients using headless CMSs and have helped them achieve their business goals.

  • A headless CMS gives you almost unlimited flexibility for building digital experiences. With the right headless platform, you can build progressive web applications, single page applications, eCommerce stores, multi-language sites, and even product configurators.

  • Traditional CMSs like WordPress or Drupal give you both the backend and the frontend and a series of themes and templates you can use to build a website. A headless CMS is only a backend that connects with tools that allow you to build and customize your digital experiences and technology stack as much as you want. This is cost-effective compared to other solutions and future-proof your company.

  • Yes. The API-first nature of a headless CMS enables companies to integrate with almost every major platform. Headless CMSs integrate seamlessly with your technology and allow faster and less cumbersome operations than WordPress plugins. In the odd case that one of your tools doesn’t integrate with the headless CMS we propose for you, we can advise you on a potential replacement or workaround.

  • The headless architecture reduces the infrastructure that hackers can attack, making it harder for attackers to exploit or gain entry into. In addition, headless CMSs are almost immune to the DDoS attacks that plague WordPress sites.

  • You can integrate a Headless CMS with anything, from eCommerce stores to project information management tools thanks to the API-based decoupled approach of headless architecture.

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