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Magnolia enables composable digital experiences that cater to your
real-world requirements. It offers a hybrid headless CMS, seamless
integrations, and a unified authoring system.

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Magnolia CMS a pioneer among CMS's in the world. It's known for its flexible and user-friendly content management features designed to help businesses create, manage, and deliver digital experiences across various channels. It has a modular and scalable architecture which means it allows users to customize and extend their websites or applications according to their specific needs.

Magnolia provides robust content modeling capabilities, powerful personalization features, and integrations with popular development tools such as Next.js, making it easy for developers to build and maintain dynamic and engaging digital experiences.

The focus on simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use makes Magnolia a compelling choice for businesses looking to enjoy extensive content management and deliver compelling online experiences efficiently.

Official partners

We are a part of the Magnolia CMS partner network, and we can help you achieve your goals using a modern, composable, and headless CMS. a modern, composable, headless CMS.

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Why choose Magnolia CMS?

  • Compose experiences visually: Streamline your digital delivery with an intuitive editor that offers in-line editing, drag-and-drop components, and omnichannel preview, regardless of whether you're working on a traditional website or a headless web app.

  • Reuse content across sites and channels: Manage hundreds of brand sites in one place, delivering localized content globally without duplication. Rely on Magnolia to render your experiences or deliver content to any frontend using our APIs.

  • Content hub: Consolidate content from multiple sources, allowing reuse across channels.

  • Personalize and optimize: Boost conversions and customer satisfaction with personalized digital experiences. Optimize your copy, CTAs, and visuals, and check their performance from your favorite analytics tools directly in Magnolia.

  • Enhance content creation with AI: Supercharge your productivity with the power of artificial intelligence. Generate copy, SEO metadata, and images dynamically and automate text and image tagging for better searchability.

  • Easy integration: Connect any data source, application, or channel – today and in the future.

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