Prismic is a simple and easy to use Headless CMS
for small to medium marketing sites. It's an optimal
solution that both developers and businesses enjoy
working with.


Prismic is a very user-friendly content management system helping businesses manage their online content easily. You can create, edit, and share content across different platforms with little effort. Those who use it love it for its capabilities to organize content just the way you want it, making it simple to create personalized digital experiences for your audience.

Plus, Prismic allows real-time collaboration so your team can work together smoothly and efficiently on any project. It also integrates well with other popular development tools such as Next.js, giving developers the freedom to build customized solutions.

And since it's hosted in the cloud, you can count on Prismic for scalability, reliability, and security, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to create engaging online experiences, hassle-free.

Why choose Prismic?

  • Integrate with third parties: As one of the most flexible CMSs around, its API-based architecture allows you to integrate it with pretty much every service around, from analytics to project management tools and beyond. 

  • Build an eCommerce storefront: Prismic works great as the backbone of your eCommerce store. Its flexible architecture allow you to add any commerce platform you want on top of it to serve your customers across the world. 

  • Model content your way: Developers can freely model content the way your company needs. It doesn't matter how custom your digital experiences are, chances are you can build them with Prismic. 

  • Minimalistic: With the minimalistic but powerful UI of Prismic, it's quick to set up and easy to use without deep technical knowledge.

  • Unlock multilingual marketing: Add any languages you'd like to support and start providing translations automatically using Prismic's translation features.

  • Reusable components: With Prismic's Slices, you can create custom, reusable components your content editors can use to build content-rich digital experiences at scale.

  • Manage and schedule content easier than ever: Schedule your releases to be published at a certain time and date. No need to publish articles or offers during off-peak hours, when you're sleeping. 

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