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If you're planning on migrating from WordPress to a headless CMS, switching to Agility CMS is a no-brainer. Agility is best suited for larger enterprise websites with a lot of content that requires a robust content editor.

About Agility CMS

  • Agility is a Headless, cloud-native, API-First Content Management Platform hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • With Agility CMS, editors have the power of authoring tools they are already familiar with, such as Content Previewing and Scheduling, Page & Sitemap Management, SEO Fields for Optimization & more.
  • Agility takes a true content-first approach to structuring and delivering your digital content, whether for your website, mobile app, smart TV interface, email campaign, or in-store digital signage.

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Official Agility CMS partners

We've been working with Agility for a long time. Our partnership began in 2019, and ever since, we've worked on interesting projects and collaborative educative material, such as eBooks and guides.

Build your next project
with Agility CMS

  • Deliver omnichannel experiences

    Agility CMS interface empowers marketers, merchants, and developers to build compelling omnichannel digital experiences that combine content and commerce without involving developers.

  • Epic flexibility

    Agility’s API-first technology gives you the flexibility to use any framework or language you want. That means less time learning and more time building cool stuff.

  • Future-proof content

    By separating your content and presentation layers, Agility makes it easy to update and iterate without touching your CMS.

  • Intuitive authoring experience

    Agility’s easy-to-use authoring experience makes it easy for non-technical users to create, structure, and move new pages around your website.

  • Faster development

    Agility makes it easy to build solutions faster with features like page management, sitemap management, URL routing, and more.

  • Unlimited content definitions

    Agility offers unlimited content definitions on all pricing plans, so you can design your content model how you want.

Get in touch about Agility CMS implementation

Ikius can help you implement and manage your Agility CMS project or application. We can fully integrate Agility CMS for you, or work with your team to provide more experienced developers to help out with your implementation.

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