Ikius and Netlify partner
to accelerate Jamstack-based digital experiences

By Ikius Team

1st March, 2023

Ikius, a next-generation web development agency, and Netlify, the leading platform for modern web development, announce a partnership to help companies deploy high-performing digital experiences based on Jamstack. 

"Ikius is excited to team up with Netlify to make it easy for developers to create high-performance digital experiences using our cutting-edge technology. Netlify's market leadership makes it the perfect partner to help us deliver on our vision of making Jamstack the default way to build websites." 

Max Ikaheimo, CEO at Ikius

Jamstack is the architectural approach that decouples the web experience layer from data and business logic, improving flexibility, scalability, performance and maintainability. This approach eliminates the need to have business logic control the web experience and creates a composable web architecture where custom logic and third-party services are consumed via APIs. 

As part of this partnership, Ikius will integrate its developer services with the Netlify platform to provide a streamlined experience for building and deploying Jamstack websites

"Ikius is a valued partner in the Jamstack ecosystem. We’re excited to join forces to accelerate even further the adoption of composable architecture, and future of the web with joint customers."

Steven Larsen, VP of Partnerships & Ecosystem at Netlify

Read more about our partnership with Netlify in its Agency Directory.

About Ikius

Ikius is a Finnish-based web development agency specializing in modern tools and technologies. With a focus on providing clients with unparalleled customer experiences, Ikius uses the latest technologies to create cutting-edge web development solutions.

About Netlify

Netlify is the platform your developers love for building highly-performant and dynamic websites, e-commerce stores and web apps. By uniting an extensive ecosystem of technologies, services and APIs into one workflow, Netlify unlocks new levels of team productivity, while saving time and money. 

As pioneers of the Jamstack movement, Netlify brings together all modern web frameworks, serverless functions and edge computing into one platform to deliver unmatched user experiences. Millions of developers and businesses build with Netlify, from Fortune 500 companies like Unilever and Verizon to companies changing our digital experiences like Peloton and Twilio. Get started for free at netlify.com.

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