Ikius announces strategic partnership with Agility

By Max Ikaheimo

23rd February, 2023

Ikius announces its strategic partnership with Agility, a fast-growing, cloud-based content platform designed to enable enterprises to create and manage exceptional digital experiences.

The partnership will allow Ikius to offer its clients a range of new and exciting features, such as a drag-and-drop content editor, headless CMS capabilities, and advanced personalization options, all based on Agility. Ikius can help its clients create and deploy engaging, interactive digital experiences across multiple channels and devices by leveraging Agility's flexible, scalable platform.

"Ikius is thrilled to partner with Agility, an innovative and forward-thinking Content Platform  that aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver cutting-edge web solutions to our clients. We are confident that this partnership will allow us to continue to provide our clients with the best possible service and help us stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital landscape."

Max Ikaheimo, CEO at Ikius

Agility is trusted by thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, leading media and entertainment companies, and high-growth startups. The platform provides powerful tools to help businesses create, manage, and optimize their digital content, including support for multilingual content, SEO optimization, and real-time collaboration features.

"We are thrilled to partner with Ikius, a company with a proven track record of delivering exceptional web solutions to its clients. We believe that our platform, combined with Ikius's expertise, will help businesses around the globe and beyond to create memorable, engaging digital experiences that drive growth and customer loyalty."

Jina Zohori, Head of Client Experience at Agility

The partnership between Ikius and Agility will benefit a wide range of businesses and organizations across the globe, helping them to deliver exceptional digital experiences to their customers while staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing market.

For more information about the partnership visit Ikius Partner Page on Agility.

If you want to learn more about Agility and Ikius work together, take a look, UJET: From WordPress to Agility CMS and Next.js.

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