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While we're a technology company, our partnership with our clients spans far wider than just writing code. As your technology partner, Ikius ensures your project meets your expectations and requirements. All projects are unique and not one size fits all but let's explore what an average project with Ikius looks like:

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    • Project management: In most cases, we will arrange daily or weekly meetings depending on specific requirements for your use-case. Usually, a weekly, agile stand-up is enough to go over weekly tasks - sometimes a daily meetings are required especially if you're working in a fast-phased environment.
    • Communication: While our individual consultants are responsible for day-to-day communication for development tasks at hand, your account manager makes sure information and assets are passed from you to our development team, and no information is lost in between.
    • Availability: A dedicated account manager will be available to respond to your inquiries in 24 hours during project work. While individual consultants will manage day-to-day communication, your account manager and Ikius' entire team are available to advance your project.
    • Dirty work done for you: Our development team configures and sets up any boilerplate architecture for your project. 
    • Next-gen tech-stack: We ensure you're using state-of-the-art frameworks, technologies, and methods such as Jamstack, Next.js and Headless CMSs to guarantee easy maintenance and a long life span for your next-gen application.
    • Benefit from our collective knowledge on Jamstack: Building Jamstack apps is not easy without vast experience in working in the field - as an agency working in the Jamstack domain, we know what works and what doesn't work. You'll get access to our collective knowledge on Jamstack and headless technologies by working with us.
    • Methodically test all functional and non-functional requirements: Before we start any project, we have a set of functional and non-functional requirements which provide a basis for the development work. These requirements also act as items for quality assurance, where we will manually check that each requirement is fulfilled before moving on to publication. While some QA may be done with automated tools, most web applications require thorough manual testing.
    • Check the validity of front-end markup and pages: If working on a Jamstack website, we'll go through each page and check that their HTML markup (H1...H6 tag order and so on) is structurally valid.
    • Browser and device compatibility: We'll use a set of tools such as BrowserStack to check browser and device compatibility for all modern browsers and devices (iOS, Android, Safari, Chrome, Edge...)
    • Redirects and sitemap check for website migrations: For web migration projects, we run automated tests to see all migrated pages and sitemap items are handled accordingly. We will also ensure any image assets are redirected in case the image asset paths have changed.
    • Performance testing and optimization: We'll optimize your new web application according to the project-specific requirements and measure the performance against Google's Lighthouse.
    • Assist with DNS setup and redirects when launching your new site: Our team will help you set up and configure any DNS records and other network configurations when migrating from a legacy hosting solution to a modern one, such as Netlify or Vercel. We not only set up your DNS but make sure all additional domain redirects and rewrites are set up correctly.
    • Configure production, staging, and development environments for your new application: We'll set up a full CI/CD pipeline for your project to support easy continuous development. Having a well-set-up CI/CD pipeline ensures painless and efficient maintenance.
    • Set up project dependencies for production use: Modern software projects tend to have a lot of 3rd party dependencies as a service (ie. Algolia, Form services, Tag manager, Marketing scripts...). We'll oversee that all of your project's dependencies are configured and set up for production and staging environments going forward.
    • Assist with marketing automation and Google Tag Manager: If you're moving to a modern web framework from a legacy platform such as WordPress, chances are your marketing automation might need some adjustments. As a part of our workflow, we'll assist your marketing team to set up any tracking and marketing automation for your new next-gen app.
    • Developer documentation: In addition to self-documenting code, all our projects include developer documentation that enables new developers to hop in easily without our assistance.
    • System documentation: If needed, we will provide extensive system documentation for your new solution that'll give a high-level overview of the system and all its dependencies.
    • Non-technical onboarding: Our team will also provide easy-to-read non-technical documentation for content managers and marketing people by request.
    • Training workshops: To onboard your whole team in a live training session, we arrange workshops with varying scopes. Workshops are great if you have a bigger team and want live training in more complex projects.
    • Support and maintenance: We provide hand-crafter SLAs if you'd like us to fully take care of your web app maintenance and support. Contact us to learn more about support and maintenance SLAs.

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