Svelte is a modern web framework that's excellent for building
highly performant and efficient web applications that fit in the
headless ecosystem.


  • Highly efficient : Svelte compiles components at build time, eliminating the need for a virtual DOM. This resultis in faster load times and better runtime performance.

  • Small Bundle Size: You can create highly optimized and concise JavaScript bundles by including only the necessary code, resulting in smaller bundle sizes compared to other frameworks.

  • Loved by developers : Many developers imply that Svelte is a "must have" or go-to web framework.

Why choose Svelte?

  • Reactivity: Svelte provides a reactive programming model where changes to state automatically update the DOM.

  • No virtual DOM: Unlike many other frameworks, Svelte doesn't use a virtual DOM for updating the UI. This outcome in a potentially faster performance.

  • Component based: The component based architecture makes it easy to build reusable and modual UI components.

  • Small bundle size: Svelte generates highly optimized and minimal JavaScript bundles. It achieves this by only including the code that is actually used in the application, resulting in smaller bundle sizes compared to some other frameworks.

  • Less boilerplate: There's not much boilerplate to write, resulting in more effiicient development

  • Easy to learn: Svelte is user-friendly and easy to learn, especially for developers who are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Its simplicity and minimalistic approach make it attractive for beginners, as well as experienced developers.

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