React is a great and popular choice for modern web apps.
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  • Javascript library: React is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Meta in 2011 and open-sourced in 2013. It is a front-end development library web developers use to create interactive UIs. 

  • Dynamic: React supports dynamic user input to build interactive UIs. React is easy to learn and is popular among frontend developers –mainly JavaScript developers– for its customizability and effortlessness, even when handling complex user interfaces.

  • Easy to manage: React is well-suited for businesses that manage a bulk of customer data that updates frequently. Businesses can benefit from React's interactive view layers in their websites, single-page applications, mobile applications, and data visualization platforms.

Why choose React?

  • Reusable: Developers can incorporate a React component into multiple pages of an application. Any updates on these components are rendered across all pages, which means faster development speeds and more cohesive components.

  • Great for customization: React library can be easily extended for more functionalities, e.g., using React with other tools like Redux. 

  • Flexible: React components allow web developers more flexibility on how to build digital experiences. You can create different web apps and even build storefronts for eCommerce businesses. 

  • High usability: React helps CMOs improve the user experience by making it easier to create interactive applications that are responsive and fast, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Community support: React's user community is vast, which means there's always someone available to give your questions an answer and dispel your doubts. This also makes developing in React easier because there is more documentation and examples to choose from.

  • Future-ready: React remains the most used JavaScript library, and since Meta backs it, chances are it will keep growing over the years, making React development a very cost-effective option. 

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