React is the most advanced front-end JavaScript library, built and maintained by Meta (ex. Facebook).

The benefits of React

  • Nordic touch: We are cooperative, egalitarian and practical —never showy or excessive. That’s the Nordic spirit that we instil in every project. We are team players capable of adjusting to your project’s needs.
  • No-nonsense attitude: We don't do work that doesn't make sense. As your technology partner, we guide you on every step of your project  –and will also tell you if something isn't worth doing or wouldn’t work.
  • We only work on a few projects at a time: We work with carefully selected client projects to ensure we can provide a high level of service for each client we're currently working with.

Our work

Built with React

React, also known as React.js, is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Meta in 2011 and open-sourced in 2013. It is a front-end development library web developers use to create interactive UIs.

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