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Open Application

Open Application

Remote | Finland | Full-time | 1-2 years of experience

Ikius is a consulting agency focused on modern web development. We produce demanding and modern solutions for business customers worldwide. We are looking for a future expert in the field or a more experienced web developer to join our team.

What do we offer?

  • A competitive salary in relation to your level of experience and skills (starting from €3000/month if you have previous experience and/or strong references), as well as the opportunity to advance in a growing company.
  • Freedom and responsibility: work anytime, anywhere. However, we expect a responsible attitude towards work.
  • No old projects or legacy tech. At Ikius, technology and the experience of developers are extremely important. We don't like to work with old technologies and mainly focus only on modern frameworks (such as React, Next.js, Headless CMSs and modern API-based services)
  • Regular recreation days, a relaxed atmosphere without unnecessary bureaucracy and jargon
  • The opportunity to learn and develop in the best web development company in the country

Your work

As a consultant, you will be working directly with clients to help them find the best solutions for their projects/use-cases. In addition, you will also develop next-generation web services together with the Ikius team. The work requires initiative, but we Ikius team members help each other when needed.

Some of our clients are located in the United States, so it would be good if you're able to overlap from 16-17.00 (EEST).

You will be working with mutliple Headless CMSs (Dato CMS, Contentful, Agility CMS etc.) and build solutions with Next.js + supporting APIs.

Requirements and prerequisites:

  • Comfortable working with different stakeholders, both internally and in relation to client projects
  • Proficient in English and Finnish (written and spoken)
  • HTML + CSS + JavaScript + Next.js (React)
  • We are looking for people in Finland, your location in Finland is not important. You have an opportunity to use an office in the Turku area.
  • A degree in the field is a plus, but not mandatory (Computer Science or similar)
  • Experience in the field is a plus
  • You master the general tools of the industry (Git, etc.).

This is what our typical application process looks like:

  • 1. We receive your application

    Thanks for submitting the application! We will check your application and if you're qualified for phase 2, we will reach out to you.

    We do read each and every application sent our way but due to the large amount of applications we're unable to reply to all.

    Psst... Being proactive helps. Call or email us!

  • 2. Meet us!

    We set up a 1:1 e-meet (or a real one) where we'll briefly get to know each other.

    This will not be a formal interview, rather a way for us to meet and chat about whatever!

  • 3. Code Challenge

    In the final phase, we'll do a quick code challenge that'll ensure we're on the same page technically.

    Don't worry, you don't have to code Merge Sort with Assembly by memory on paper... This is a quick assignment simulating real work cases that'll help us determine that you have the right skillset to work at Ikius.

Ahoy there!
We're looking for more people on board.

If this position wasn't the right one for you, check out our other open positions below. We do also accept free form applications sent to

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