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 Announcing partnership with GraphCMS

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We're partnering up with GraphCMS 

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with GraphCMS, a GraphQL based Headless CMS. GraphCMS empowers teams to seamlessly manage content with a high-performing GraphQL Content API, enriching, unifying, and delivering your content across platforms.

GraphCMS has helped organizations such as Statistics Finland to manage statistical data with 250 users working with custom permissions and Dashlane to build a knowledge portal with while meeting aggressive timelines.

We are excited to be partnering with Ikius, increasing our presence in the Nordics and bringing more implementation power to that part of the world. We will tackle new projects together that look for innovative solutions that hinge on flexible, composable architectures.

Shubham Khenat, Partnerships, GraphCMS

GraphCMS hopes to create a tight-knit network of partners that enable them to work globally and match their customers to agencies that suit their specific needs and budget while still maintaining the confidence that they share our mentality of breaking down the monolith in favor of composable, best-of-breed solutions. This is why we've partnered up to enable us to deliver exceptional web services with GraphCMS.

We’re thrilled to partner up with GraphCMS to help us deliver exceptional web services for our clients. GraphCMS already has a long track record with bigger companies and public sector projects in the Nordics, which is something we value dearly. Our team is looking forward to collaborating with GraphCMS to provide better web services for everyone.

- Max Ikaheimo, CEO, Ikius

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We are always looking for modern technology partners working within the Jamstack ecosystem. In case you'd like to collaborate and become our partner, please leave us a message at or get in touch.

About GraphCMS

GraphCMS is the first enterprise-class headless content management and federation platform. With the industry's most versatile GraphQL content APIs and a novel approach in external data sourcing via API extensions, the content platform enables use cases beyond simple headless CMS' capabilities.

Enterprise customers see GraphCMS as a database highly optimized for structured content while giving content operators the tools to build their ultimate content pipeline. Currently enabling teams from over 50,000 organizations like Telenor, Burrow, and Shure to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow’s omnichannel digital experiences at scale, GraphCMS is developed by GraphCMS GmbH and headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

About Ikius

We provide Jamstack development and consulting services for companies and organizations looking for a fast website built using cutting-edge, yet proven technologies. To learn more about our company, please visit our company page or get in touch.

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