What are the benefits of Jamstack Development?

Max Ikäheimo
01 July 2020

In this blog post we tell you about the benefits of Jamstack Development and how it can cut web development costs by 50%.

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Breaking free from legacy

Jamstack Development allows developers and agencies to break free from legacy restrictions for web development. Web development with legacy technologies such as Wordpress is slow, frustrating for developers and prone to increase technical debt for your company, which will cost you a lot in the long run.

Jamstack Development allows developers to use truly modern technologies such as Gatsby, Netlify and Headless CMSs to enable an efficient workflow for developers and content managers.

With Jamstack we can streamline many development operations which reduce the time to market and decrease the time spent on actual software development. Decreasing time spent on software development and other development operations will naturally cut the costs as well.

Jamstack is the future

The web is changing in a fundamental way. At Ikius we predicted this a long time ago to prepare us and our clients for the future. As we point out in our blog post about the potential of Jamstack it's hard to argue against the benefits of Jamstack.

Granted, legacy technologies like Wordpress have contributed a lot during their golden years and even today more than 20% percent of websites are powered by Wordpress. That's a lot but we're seeing that number decrease since, you guessed it, Jamstack. Jamstack has started to eat Wordpress's market share and we can expect it to drop steadily as time goes on.

We can already see the effect Jamstack has had on Wordpress's market share due to the increased popularity among developers.

Building your web services with Jamstack will make your website or web application future-proof which prepares your company for future integrations that might be impossible to do with Wordpress in a reasonable time and budget.

Developers love Jamstack

Developers love working with Jamstack. Developers are happy when working with modern state of the art tools and technologies like Gatsby. Developers are not happy when they have to work with out of date legacy technologies riddled with bugs and endless hours of meaningless configuration and patching.

At Ikius our number one priority is developer happiness as we are a company run by developers. We believe that developer happiness is the key for successfully delivering services for our clients. We love what we're doing and we are able to work with the latest tools and technologies which makes us very happy!

At Ikius our number one priority is developer happiness

Jamstack cuts software development costs

Jamstack development will cut the costs for software development by up to 50% or more! This is because Jamstack allows developers to work more efficiently. It's that simple. Happier developers are more productive.

Modern technologies and advancements in Jamstack have made it more efficient to develop, publish, iterate, and maintain websites and web apps. Not only does Jamstack cut the software development costs it will enable developers to adapt to changing requirements more dynamically thanks to Jamstack technologies like Gatsby.

The hardest thing about software development is specifying the requirements.

Jamstack enables developers to adapt to sudden changes in requirement specifications without drastically re-doing parts of software code or architecture. This will no doubt reduce the cost associated with a sudden change of course driven by a business decision or other unexpected events.

Jamstack makes everyone happy

Our ultimate goal at Ikius is to provide exceptional software for our clients while loving the work what we're doing. We are very proud to be Jamstack pioneers especially now when Jamstack is gaining a lot of attention from developers and enterprises looking to supercharge their web services.

If you want to learn more about how Jamstack can make you happier, don't hesitate contacting us. We're more than happy (no pun intended) to discuss more about Jamstack Development, its benefits and how it can supercharge your company's web services.

Max Ikäheimo
Founder and CEO

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