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Prismic Headless CMS review

We've used Prismic commercially since 2018. In this blog post we review Prismic and share our experiences using it with multiple client Projects.

Max Ikäheimo11 February 2020

Website performance is important

In this blog post we discuss why your company's website performance matters for your business. We also discuss how you can improve your website performance.

Max Ikäheimo06 February 2020

How JAMstack cuts the time to market for our clients by up to 50%

In this post we discuss how JAMstack cuts the time to market for our web projects by up to 50%.

Max Ikäheimo03 January 2020

Why using legacy technologies kills your business?

This blog post covers some of the facts on why using legacy technologies like Wordpress can quickly kill the growth of your business.

Max Ikäheimo24 December 2019

What is a static website?

This blog post describes what are static websites, how they are different from dynamic websites and why building a website as static files can help your business to grow.

Max Ikäheimo17 December 2019

What is a headless CMS?

This blog post describes what is a headless Content Management System (CMS) and why using one can be bring multiple benefits for your business.

Max Ikäheimo10 December 2019

JAMstack website built with Gatsby JS - Hotel Radio

This case study describes how Hotel Radio made their new JAMstack heavy music streaming platform come to life with Gatsby JS, Auth0, Prismic and Netlify.

Max Ikäheimo22 November 2019

What is JAMstack and why it should be used?

This blog post covers the basics of the JAMstack architecture used to build modern, fast, scalable and safe static websites and web applications.

Max Ikäheimo24 September 2019