Multilingual JAMstack landing page for large amounts of traffic.

We worked with Smileo to build their multilingual landing page with Gatsby JS, Prismic and Netlify. Smileo provides safe, natural and cruelty free Teeth Whitening products.

The Smileo team needed a static landing page to withstand large amounts on concurrent directed traffic from social media and advertisements. Thats why we chose to build their landing page with JAMstack to allow very large amounts of directed traffic on their landing page.

Smileo landing first fold

Why to build a static JAMstack website for landing pages?

Landing and marketing pages can receive huge amounts of organic and direct traffic for different marketing campaings or other SEO generated traffic. This is why it is crucial to build important landing and marketing pages as static files to ensure these important landing pages don't crash or become slow to load.

Gatsby JS and Netlify allow us to build static websites with dynamic functionalities like multilingual pages. Static websites built with JAMstack can't crash and can be very easily scaled or downscaled based on the traffic the website is receiving.

smileo landing instagram

Gatsby JS image and performance optimizations

One of the biggest benefits of using JAMstack and Gatsby JS for static site generation is that we can optimize the performance and all images on the Smileo landing page. This makes the initial loading time up to 3x times faster than with traditional legacy technologies.

Faster loading times are proven to reduce the bounce rates for all websites which becomes increasingly important when working with e-commerce and marketing websites like the Smileo landing page.

Outcome for Smileo

Smileo was able to successfully run their online ad-campaings more frequently and in bigger volumes since our JAMstack website enabled them to take in more traffic from directed sources. Smileo was able to increase their sales through a stable and reliable multilingual landing page-


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