Kamikaze Aerial Dance Studio

Next.js marketing website design and development

KADS logo on a gradient background
KADS website layout

A truly modern marketing website with Next.js

We worked with KADS from logo and website design to technical execution:

  1. Logo Design: In collaboration with KADS our design team carefully hand crafted the KADS logo.
  2. Website Design: After designing the logo we worked with KADS to develop a brand guideline along with the website layout design.
  3. Website Development: Based on the preliminary design work we developed a marketing website with Next.js
  4. Maintenance and support: After project delivery, we took over the maintenance and support operations for the new website.

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Services and technologies used in this project.

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Great Jamstack developers are hard to come by - we know. No wonder since it's been mainstream only for 3 years or so - a short time in a developer's life.

Ikius and Jamstack: ever since Ikius was founded in 2019, we've put all our focus on Jamstack development.
We are even listed as one of Jamstack's pioneers by Agility CMS. You could say we've been around the scene for a while.

We know what works, what doesn't work and what's best for your unique use case. We'll help you choose the right Headless CMS and services, while optimizing the running costs for your project. (Yeah, looking at those $2000 / month SaaS plans...)

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Re-building your website on a Headless CMS and looking for advice? Look no further, we are your designated Headless CMS super heroes.

At Ikius, we've worked on pretty much every "Google Page 1" Headless CMS, including but not limited to: Agility CMS, Prismic, Sanity, Contentful, Dato CMS, Strapi and many more.

We've been around the block, we know what works, and what doesn't work. Let's find the best Headless CMS for your unique use case.

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Next.js is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for building websites that match modern requirements. At Ikius, we work with Next.js to help our clients create highly optimized websites with Next.js.