JAMstack website development and CMS integration.

We worked with eCartic to build their fully customizable JAMstack website with Gatsby JS, Prismic and Netlify. ECartic combines data-driven insight and creative strategies to build meaningful relationships between brands and their ideal customers.

Together with eCartic, we built the new website for their company with JAMstack. ECartic needed a new website based on their design for their company.

We used Gatsby JS for the front end, Prismic.io as the CMS and Netlify for the content delivery and hosting. This tech stack allowed us to deliver the website efficiently while preserving high quality for the website front end and content management.


The design was implemented based on existing designer layout provided by eCartic. We sliced the design elements to logical components which could be easily composed from the Prismic headless CMS to enable fully customized page structure.

Every page on eCartic can be fully built on the CMS by Slices that are directly translated to sections or components in the front end implementation. This enables a very easy and logical workflow for content editing and also guides content managers to build coherent custom page layouts.

Real time Prismic Headless CMS Previews with Gatsby JS

Static websites cannot be previewed or updated instantly in a similar manner like dynamic websites like Wordpress. That is why we implemented the Prismic Preview feature with Gatsby so content managers can preview how pages and documents look like before publishing them.

eCartic preview

We integrated a preview feature for content managers so they can easily see what their website looks like before while preserving the benefits of JAMstack. At the moment static website unpublished content previews are being developed rapidly so we were really exited to implement cutting edge JAMstack technologies for eCartic.

eCartic real time prismic preview


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