Blazing fast websites with Jamstack.

SEO friendly, fast, secure and scalable websites with modern frameworks. Schedule a short meeting with us to learn more about how Jamstack can benefit your business.

What is Jamstack?

Jamstack is a modern architecture for building websites and apps. Jamstack apps are SEO friendly, offer increased speed, scalability and security for your website. Deliver modern static websites built with state of the art frameworks.

Why Jamstack?

Cost efficient
SEO friendly

Get blazing fast websites and apps with Jamstack. No more long loading times or bad SEO scores. Just look at our site and see for yourself.

Up to 10x faster than wordpress.

No more code injections or plugin vulnerabilities. Jamstack provides unmatched security for your web projects.

Static websites serve static files, which are impossible to hack. Jamstack offers increased security and reduces costs related to updating bad plugins.
Cost efficiency

Reduce your web project costs and time to market by adopting Jamstack. Future-proof and cost efficient development.

Faster to develop, requires less maintenance and has cheaper hosting.

Got a Jamstack project in mind?

Migrating to Jamstack from Wordpress? Let's dicuss more about how to supercharge your website with innovations like Gatsby.js and Netlify.

Max Ikäheimo
Founder and CEO

Jamstack vs Wordpress




Best practices









Best practices






Unlike Wordpress, Jamstack combines multiple innovative frameworks to create blazing fast SEO friendly websites.

How we develop Jamstack websites?

We use a set of frameworks and tools to build optimized, easy to use complete Jamstack web projects.

Gatsby logo

Gatsby.js for frontend

Gatsby is a blazing fast static site generator for optimized SEO friendly websites. Gatsby uses React, GraphQL and Javascript to enable development with modern tools for crawlable Google friendly pages.

Integrate a Headless CMS of your choice with automatic integrations to Gatsby Cloud.

contentful logo
sanity logo
agility logo

Headless CMS for content management

Manage your content easily with Headless CMSs designed specifically for Jamstack. We partner up with industry leading Headless CMSs to create exceptional content management experiences.

Seamless deploys for Gatsby.js. Deploy automatically to Netlify on Headless CMS content updates.

netlify logo

Deploy and deliver with Netlify

Netlify is an innovative platform for hosting and publishing web applications. Deliver Jamstack sites on a global Content Delivery Network and scale easily for millions of hits without worrying about performance issues. Optimized for Jamstack.

Out of the box integrations with state of the art frameworks for delivering modern websites.

Jamstack 101
What is Jamstack?

Why to use Jamtack?

Is Jamstack better than Wordpress?

How do I manage content with Jamstack?

How long does it take to build a Jamstack website?

Should I build my new website with Jamstack?

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