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Get a blazing fast modern website for your business. Select a package that suits your needs and we'll take care of the rest.

JAMstack packages

$ 6500 $ 5500 + monthly upkeep *

Everything you need for a basic website. Basic packages are optimized for up to 2x performance compared to Wordpress. Includes Netlify CDN, Prismic CMS, page and blog templates and one language.

$ 12000 $ 9500 + monthly upkeep *

For demanding high traffic business websites. Business packages are optimized for up to 4x performance compared to Wordpress. Includes Netlify CDN, Prismic CMS, custom templates and 5 languages.

Let's talk + dedicated SLA *

For large and demanding web projects. We'll custom tailor our package to fit specifically your requirements.

What is JAMstack?
Discounted JAMstack package prices

We have discounted our JAMstack package pricing to help out businesses in inflection points due to COVID-19. Our JAMstack packages enable web services that can handle unusually high traffic for your business.

Increased performanceBetter securityEasy scalingFuture-proof web servicesCost effective development and hostingFaster time to market

Every package includes but is not limited to.

We don't compromise on technologies.

Modern technologies are the foundation for our company. Combined with our expertise in modern technologies we will deliver performant and future-proof solutions that will take your business to the future.

Gatsby is a blazing fast static site generator for JAMstack.

Netlify is a modern content delivery network for JAMstack websites and applications.

Auth0 enables easy and secure user authentication for JAMstack.

Contentful is a headless CMS for demanding enterprise content management.

Prismic is a flexible and user friendly headless CMS for any type of websites and applications.

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What is JAMstack?
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How fast are JAMstack sites?
Flexibility where you need it.

We provide flexible invoicing and turnover to fit your companys budgeting. Our packages include our full support from the beginning to the upkeep of your project. Being technologically forward thinking has become especially important in the modern world. Given the circumstances we want to advance the technological edge for modern businesses by providing modern, future-proof and efficient web development.

* Pricing shown on our packages are estimates based on historical project data. Invoicing is hourly based. Discounts are applied on the hourly price for software development. Invoice turnover by agreement. Ikius JAMstack packages include Ikius JAMstack upkeep service which is based on the final requirements of your website.

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