We're looking for aspiring young talent to join our organization.

Join Ikius trainee program

We're looking for talented junior developers to join our organization. We offer a chance to be a part of a new type of organization for the modern world. As a newly founded company we're looking for enthusiastic and innovative junior developers to work on our client projects and to participate in the development of our organizational culture.

We offer a modern place to work with 0% technical debt and no legacy projects. We use only the latest technologies available which are made by developers for developers. We hate legacy technologies and we know how tiring working with bad tools can be. We're serious about modern tools and methods.

We are an organization managed by developers and we are truly passionate about building an organization for developers. We offer a workplace where you can learn from the best and participate in interesting international client projects.

What we offer

  • A chance to work 100% remote

  • An opportunity to learn from the best

  • 0% technical debt

  • Develop with modern technologies like React and Gatsby JS

  • To be a part of a newly founded modern organization

How to apply?

Open the console and find out.
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Janne Vastamäki