We guide businesses to accelerate their growth.

Founded in 2019.

We saw that many companies don't reach their full potential because they're not using modern technologies. We set a mission to accelerate the growth of businesses with our expertise in modern technologies.

We guide businesses to the future.

Ikius's main goal is to guide businesses to build their web services to be 100% future-proof to enable efficient and smart scaling. Ikius uses only the latest technologies in a way that leaves your company with 0% technical debt.

We're global company with a global reach.

We operate globally in 5 countries and employ people from all over the world. By being a fully remote organization we can work dynamically in multicultural environments. We encourage remote work.

Our services.

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Serverless app development

Scalable and efficient web applications with database integration and backend logic built with serverless technologies to enable efficient scaling and development.

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