Ikius's mission is to guide businesses to accelerate their growth with modern technologies.

Founded in 2019.

We saw that many companies don't reach their full potential because they're not using modern technologies. We set a mission to accelerate the growth of businesses with our expertise in modern technologies.

We guide businesses to the future.

Ikius's main goal is to guide businesses to build their web services to be 100% future-proof to enable efficient and smart scaling. Ikius uses only the latest technologies in a way that leaves your company with 0% technical debt.

A global company with a global reach.

We operate globally in 5 countries and employ people from all over the world. By being a fully remote organization we can work dynamically in multicultural environments. We encourage remote work.

100% remote, 100% present.

As a modern organization we believe in remote work. Focusing on new and smart ways to work allows us to provide exceptional services for our clients.

We cut out the unnecessary.

By being a modern organization we can cut out unnecessary processes and make our work more efficient. We provide better work-life balance by leaving out commuting and fixed work schedules. Our employees can work whenever and wherever they want. We value results over hours.

Our core services.

All our services include our partnership. We want to guide our clients to find the best solutions available.

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Modern web development and consulting.

We do modern web development with modern technologies. We're always looking for new innovations to execute our projects.

Static websites and apps with the JAMstack.

JAMstack is a modern architecture to build static websites and apps. We're specialized in JAMstack development and static websites.

React and Gatsby JS development.

Static site generators like Gatsby JS are an essential part of the JAMstack. Gatsby JS is an open source static site generator which utilizes react to generate static websites. We are able to make websites up to 5x faster with Gatsby.

Educating businesses about modern ways to build the web.

We offer valuable insights and information on our blog available for anyone. We want to educate companies about the modern way to develop the web. We study modern web development so you don't have to.