Website performance is important

In this blog post we discuss why your company's website performance matters for your business. We also discuss how you can improve your website performance.

06 February 2020
Max Ikäheimo

Performance matters

When it comes to online business or any business the first thing your potential customers will see is your company's website. If your company's website is slow and it takes ages to load it gives out a really bad first impression. This is why your website performance is crucial for conversion on your website.

If a website takes more than 2 seconds to load, users will abandon it

Below we have specified 3 reasons why you should care about your website performance and how having a high performing website will help you grow your business.

Bounce rates and converisons

Poor web dev performance

Having a poor website performance will increase the loading times for your website. In practice this means that it will take some time before users can interact with your website. You'd be surprised how short attention span modern web users have. This further increases the importance of having a blazing fast website.

If users experience a slow or laggy website they will often become frustrated and just leave the site and click the next Google search result (this is where you just lost a potential client). The described behaviour is called "bouncing" and having users bounce of your website when visiting will increase your bounce rate. Having a high bounce rate will logically lower your desired conversions, which is again bad for business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the art of optimizing your website for search engines so your website ranks better in Google search results than other websites. While it is true that the major dictating SEO factor is the actual content on your website, it has become increasingly important to have high ranking performance audits on Google Lighthouse.

You can check your website Google Lighthouse audit scores at

google search results

Google has stated multiple times that it will favor websites that perform well on their audits. The most important audit factor being performance. Google will rank high performing sites higher on their search results. This is because Google's purpose is to serve high quality web content for its users and due to the fact that most people now surf the web on mobile devices.

According to Google, more than 50% of Google searches are now done on mobile devices.

If you want to rank well in Google searches it is logical that your website audit scores are high on Google's official audition tools as well.

User experience

If your website is laggy and you see large images partially loading here and there it will most definitely leave a bad impression for the visitors on your website. Even if the initial loading time for your company's website isn't that bad it is still important to retain the performance internally on the website so users will stay on your website for longer. This will increase session durations which will directly increase conversions.

It has been statistically proven that a higher session duration will more likely lead to a desired conversion on a website.

By following Google's guidelines for Best practices (and accessability for that matter) you can generally speaking make your website technically user friendly for humans and machines. It is important to remember that actual User interface design is equally as important as the technical metrics.

How to improve your website performance?

By using modern technologies implemented by professionals. Most companies are using outdated legacy technologies and frameworks like Wordpress to build their enterprise tier websites and web services. When you're using technologies that are up to 30 years old you are bound to have some performance limitations.

If you truly want to reach the Google Quality Standards for your company's website you should build your web services with modern technologies like JAMstack, Headless CMSs and enterprise grade scalable content delivery networks like Netlify.

Modern technology alone can't guarantee a high performing website. The implementation and overall technical execution needs to be carefully planned to guarantee a high quality website. Luckily, we're specialized in implementing modern technologies for enterprise web projects to ensure our clients have the best possible solutions for their web services.

If your comany's web services are still done with legacy technologies it's time to upgrade them to modern standards to ensure your business will reach it's maximum potential. Request free consulting to learn more.

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