Remote work is here to stay

Aatu Väisänen
29 May 2020

Working from home has been a topic of great interest lately. What are the benefits of telecommuting and why is it a great, modern alternative to the traditional office-centric working culture?

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The modern way to work

In the first half of 2020, we have seen the biggest revolution in work culture in a long time: the rise of remote work. Started by the unfortunate Corona virus pandemic, many businesses have been forced to operate remotely in order to follow the rules of social distancing in these trying times. But, even though many have been literally constrained to work from home, which they wouldn't normally do, the snowballing effect has already started - many companies have noticed, or are starting to notice, that telecommuting is actually a really viable alternative to the traditional practice of going to work at the office. Even the big tech leaders are already modernizing their work culture: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter will allow its employees to continue to work from home after the pandemic. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also told of Facebook's plans to shift half of their employees to working remotely.

The benefits of working remotely

As more and more people are starting to notice the modern, remote way of working, one might wonder: what are the benefits of working from home? What are the things that telecommuting really shines in, compared with the traditional office-centric work culture?

No more commuting to the office

When you are working from home, there is no more need to stress about getting to the office in time, as your home is your "office". Many people struggle with having to commute to the work place every day: there are always traffic jams or other things to slow you down, and every time the commute to work takes more time, the less time you have on your spare time. Also, having to wake up really early just to get to work in time can cause sleep-deprivation, which causes many negative effects to you as an employee. Working from home allows you to sleep much longer, which is really good for your personal health.

The freedom of being at home

When working from home, you don't need to worry about things that you might have to normally consider at an office environment, such as being dressed appropriately (unless you have a video conference!) and having breaks at a suitable time. When working from home, the usual constraints of the office are not there, and thus you have a lot of freedom over choosing the work flow that suits you best.

The flexibility

Well, this depends on the employer, but if your employer allows it, you could choose to work at a different time of the day than you would normally work on. For example, if you are a student and have lectures in the morning, the flexibility of remote work allows you to start your work after the lecture, so you don't have to skip it. Or, if you have an important appointment you really don't want to miss during your workday, with remote work it is much easier to arrange you working schedule so that you don't have to miss the meeting.

Sustainability and safety

Remote work boosts sustainability and safety of the employees. With the climate change being one of the largest global crisis of our time, we really have to consider is it really necessary to commute to the office every day, when modern technology allows us to do the same tasks from home just as efficiently? Remote work not only cuts all of the air pollution caused by daily commute, but it also prevents the possible traffic accidents related to commuting to the office. Also, as the social distancing during the pandemic has shown, telecommuting effectively prevents the spread of diseases.

Cutting costs

The business can save a lot in fixed costs, when there's no need to rent a large and expensive office space. When the magnitude of the business rises over time, it's always important to pursue lower costs. With telecommuting these fixed costs, such as rent payments, can be cut down, so remote work is a great way to save in expenses.

The future of the working culture

There's no doubt that the remote work revolution will expand as time passes. Now, obviously there will always be business areas where telecommuting isn't usually an option (such as the service industry), but the business areas, where most work can be done remotely, should at least consider the possibility of adapting telecommuting as a permanent option to the traditional office-centric work culture. The benefits of working from home are real, and as the digitalisation of the world continues, it is crystal clear that the popularity of remote work will keep expanding in many businesses. But for now, modern tech companies are the pioneers of the ongoing phenomenon of modernising the work culture. We at Ikius take great pride in being able to give an example in building a 100% remote modern business.

Max Ikäheimo
Founder and CEO

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