5 reasons why mobile friendliness is important in 2020

More and more of worldwide web traffic originates from mobile devices. Assuring your website is mobile-friendly is something to take seriously.

03 August 2020
Aatu Väisänen

Why every business should adapt a mobile-friendly website

In today's world, building a website without thinking of mobile users is a bad idea. The popularity of browsing the internet on a mobile platform has increased significantly in a decade, and the trend is showing no signs of changing.

More people are visiting web pages and services on mobile devices

Obviously, ensuring that a business' website is responsive for mobile platforms takes a bit more time and effort to implement, but why is the investment totally worth it, and something that companies shouldn't downplay in 2020?

1. The amount of mobile users rises all the time

It couldn't be emphasized more: the odds of the next visitor on your website being a mobile user gets bigger and bigger all the time. By July of 2020, 4.57 billion people out of the world's population of 7.8 billion are active internet users. By the second quarter of 2020, over 51% of worldwide website traffic originates from mobile devices, and in 2018 around 63% of paid Google search clicks in the US originated from mobile platforms.

More mobile users means more possible customers for you business.

The rapid growth of the popularity of mobile devices coupled with widespread, global internet access, has led to websites being dominantly visited from mobile devices. Taking advantage of this is wise for any business that wants to be prominent in the web.

2. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites with mobile-first indexing

For a business that wants to maximize their web marketing potential, mobile-first indexing cannot be dismissed. Mobile-first indexing means that Google principally uses the mobile version of a website's content for search engine indexing and ranking, rather than the traditional desktop approach. In recent years, Google has been showing how much focus it puts on it.

According to TechCrunch, Google will make mobile-first indexing the default by the September of 2020. So, if your business hasn't yet thought of the importance of mobile-indexing, now is just the time to do so.

3. Broader customer reach

If you ensure your website's mobile friendliness, it automatically gives you an edge when it comes to reaching out for more customers. People are making mobile searches everywhere, so limiting your website's potential by not taking the time and money to carry out a mobile-responsive implementation, your business loses a large portion of possible customers.

4. A properly responsive web page makes everyone happy

We all know how annoying it can be to browse websites that aren't responsive to different screen sizes on a mobile device. The user experience immediately becomes really cumbersome, which just makes you want to forget it and search for a more responsive site. So it should be self-evident, that responsiveness is the key when wanting to deliver a satisfactory user experience.

5. It makes your enterprise's website more competent and modern

When your website's responsiveness is top-notch, the great user experience it provides ensures that all the potential customers landing on your page receive a wonderful first impression of your business. In the end, having a modern and competent website is a fundamental part in building a convincing business in today's world.

Mobile friendliness equals best practice

With the five preceding reasons why mobile friendliness is essential in 2020, it's not hard to come up with the conclusion, that the mobile-friendly strategy is a best practice method in modern web development.

Mobile friendliness coupled with peak website performance provides the best user experience for future customer visiting your company's website - Jamstack is the perfect solution when wanting to assure this for your business.

We at Ikius want to always be certain, that all of our clients get the best performing websites with the best mobile responsiveness.

Max Ikäheimo
Founder and CEO

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