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Max Ikäheimo
24 June 2020

In this blog post we list some of the reasons why to use Jamstack for your enterprise web projects and how enterprises benefit from migrating to Jamstack.

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Cut costs

The biggest reason to use Jamstack is to dramatically cut the monthly costs for your enterprise web services. Jamstack is designed to scale efficiently which makes makes it easy to scale with the amount of active users on your website or web app.

By migrating to Jamstack you can cut your enterprise web service monthly costs by up to 65% according to the Netlify case study. Not only does Jamstack cut your monthly costs, it is also cost effective to develop in comparison to legacy technologies like Wordpress.

wordpress vs jamstack cost

With Jamstack you pay for the resources you use and not a dime more which is ideal for scaling web services.


Jamstack is fast. It will bring your website or web app to a whole new level of performance. Optimizing performance is a key factor for multiple reasons. Most notably to make your website load faster.

Speed and performance of your website are crucial for any website but more so for enterprises where you need state of the art UX, SEO and brand quality. Who doesn't like fast websites?

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In developed countries internet speed and unlimited data roaming is taken for granted. This is not the case in most emerging markets like India, China, Africa and South America where internet is a scarce resource and the connection speeds are still quite slow in comparison to modern standards.

Jamstack websites and applications are more accessible than legacy web services for emerging markets. The biggest reason for this is their reduced size and optimized loading speeds which result in faster page loads with older devices and slow connections. This will make the internet more accessible for everyone regardless where they are.


Jamstack websites and apps scale with the amount of users. With Jamstack scaling is only a matter of upgrading services for more resources with a click of a button. This becomes important since we can make websites which are ready to be scaled for millions of users without having to re-do the entire software code for better scalability.

With Jamstack scaling is only a matter of upgrading services and plans with a click of a button.

Not only is Jamstack easy to scale it's also more cost effective to scale. You pay for the amount of resources you need and not for more.


Jamstack websites are more secure than Wordpress since they're static. Static websites serve files which are pre-built and do not include similar dynamic rendering as Wordpress. Jamstack websites don't have similar 3rd party plugins as Wordpress which cause infamous security issues that require hours upon hours of patching and fixing.

Jamstack sites rely on third party services and APIs to deliver similar dynamic functionality as Wordpress. This is architecture is fundamentally a more secure approach than injecting 3rd party software code to your website software code.

Security is a really important aspect for any website, more so for enterprise websites. Jamstack will make your website more secure and reduce the costs for fixing plugin security issues and patching.

Future proof

Jamstack websites can utilize modern static site generators like Gatsby where most software code is written in Javascript. If you want to make a modern website in 2020 you will have to use Javascript anyway. It makes more sense to use a Javascript framework to build websites in the first place.

Using modern and future-proof technologies which are backed by millions of dollars of funding will make your website 100% future-proof. You don't want to build your web services on legacy technologies.

Gatsby Logo


Jamstack provides increased flexibility for your website and enables complex API integrations effortlessly. With Jamstack you can integrate a complex API, user authentication or e-commerce solutions directly to your website and turn it into a web app without having to switch the technology or compromise on speed, performance or scalability.

Jamstack development for enterprises

By migrating to Jamstack you can save money by cutting web service hosting costs by up to 65%, reduce maintenance and patching costs related to security issues, spend less time delivering features and so much more.

Jamstack will bring unmatched value for your enterprise by optimizing every aspect of your enterprise web development operations while making sure you're prepared to go big and scale to millions of users if the situation requires this.

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Founder and CEO

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